My WordPressing

Apparently, my blog has become is becoming a weird journal of my thoughts. Oh well! Kierkegaard kept his journals all neat and polished as a guidestone for the future generations. It was his unpolished thoughts but his polished dairies. His brother knew exactly what he wanted. Or at least that is what the intro to…


Over and over and over again- not like the tides. Over again. More poetic aphorisms, that are hard to edit. And a ton of allusions. Thoughts of repetition.

Traveling alone: A preface

After years of of talking about traveling, I finally just booked a trip. I went to Ireland for almost a week and Paris for three days. A quick aside- The first thing I would caution anybody traveling to an older city is- bring comfortable shoes. It should not be a surprise that you will walk…

A quick question to bloggers and WordPressers.

I am assuming that some bloggers have attempted and succeeded in writing content that is either autobiographical or close to autobiographical. How do cope with becoming vulnerable? Is it really honesty? Or is that the skill? The skill about revealing just enough bit keep it shrouded just enough.  

Writing right now

I have a writing problem. I feel the problems of my strange lethargy creeping with in each of my sentences. Do you feel that too with your writing. Thomas Mann said he could not write but he is one the greatest writers of the 20th century. I just feel all the sentences are off. One…