Writing right now

I have a writing problem. I feel the problems of my strange lethargy creeping with in each of my sentences. Do you feel that too with your writing. Thomas Mann said he could not write but he is one the greatest writers of the 20th century. I just feel all the sentences are off.

One of the only things I enjoyed at my elementary school was when I could write short stories. I could let my imagination flow. I couldn’t spell to save my life. You would think I would be a quick adopter of word processors, but I spent a majority of my life writing in bent spiral note books. I would write a bunch of non-words then autocorrect them in to strange words making the strangest sentences imaginable.

Now I struggle, it is not even writer’s block. I have al sorts of sad, melancholic, goofy, joyful, and strange ideas brewing constantly. It just I lost faith in putting word after word.

My professor hated my writing but I was never a strong essayist. I like ambiguities. I also like finding the thesis. The worst part is I hate doing the hard work of editing. I hate reading my own words. I am also kind of blind to details. Maybe I am lazy! Though, I always had a deep dread writing essays for university. I loved me some test though.

Nothing is coming together. None of the sentences have that flair. None of the sentences have that impact. None of the sentences are quotable. The worst part is I think when I was twenty-three to thirty I could write terrible stories with the “flair”: or really the quality that I desire now. Umph.

I wonder what you might think? Anybody else feel some sort of struggle?



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