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Marvel movies am I right? I find them to be Marvel Movies. How can you dare say  they are not Marvel movies. There is a formula to them. I suppose you only notice it when it becomes obvious. “Mo’ Marvel Mo’ Problems,” is what nobody said. I feared at one point that these large behemoths will force a lot of the smaller movies out, with no evidence of course. I feared the monies necessary would be trapped in a few select pictures. More than likely, the movies I was thinking about would hardly see monies regardless of the Star Wars and Marvels. It is still sad though. In reality it seems that the blockbuster is growing up. We have moved from Michael Bay to Taika Waititi and Ryan Coogler.

Marvel movies are rigorously apolitical. If everything is political and then I found the paralogism to that argument. Captain America; Winter Soliderand Civil War were so apolitical that I was surprised people lauded those movies political bent. They did not make a political turn like Derrida. They were sort of political, kind of political in the weird amorphous way that is truly not political. It was cool that The Black Panther had Ras the Exhorter (Destroyer) in it. It is always good to give an allusion to Ralph Ellison. By the way Magneto is not Malcom X, he shares more similarities with Franz Fanon- okay.

I hope that the upcoming Star Wars movie is basically the Iliad. Rey (Daisy Ridley’s character) would be forced into a murderous rage breaking though wave and waves of troopers. With a snap of her finger she would pop people’s heads off. Finally, at the finale of the battle, she breaks down at the realization that her new home is violence and war. She had found a haven in violence. Then it takes Oscar Isaac ten years to return to his wife and his grown son. Think about that Kathleen Kennedy; that is three more movies.

I hope Avengers: Endgame has Tony Stark speak to death incarnate about everything- lonely on a strange planet. The movie would be basically an arc around Stark’s many regrets. He will come to terms with them and tries to do one good thing.  Will Stark die? That shall be determined. He will try not to speak to death but she forces the issue. He must converse with death- he must be towards death. In that realization he must work with death. Then, of course, the rest of the two hour picture will feature Tessa Thompson. Just a whole lot of Tessa Thompson. She could be drinking and having a conversation with ghost Idris Elba.


Lebron James is not breaking the LA Lakers. I am no sports expert but Lebron maybe part god, but he has limits. I am certain bringing in such a player destabilizes any team. It is just talking and mythologies. I think someone should add a section to Roland Barthes Mythologies about the 2018- 2019 LA Lakers.

Lebron James is fun to read about. I mean his playing is. I think some person, some great writer, should write an epic poem about his career- really his games. He plays weirdly for being so attuned, he is like a super human or robot. He has grown up before America’s eyes and matured. It is not that often we see that a person becomes their full self.

I really do not care much about basketball since Tim Duncan retired. I like Tim Duncan and Popovich. I am from Austin Texas, so I suppose that would be the team I would support. I really do not have the attention span for sports. My mind wanders about. Though, Tim Duncan seems like a nice guy.  He was in a commercial for HEB, the local food store. I wonder why no one compares Tim Duncan to Kobe Bryant or  Michael Jordan? They do that to Lebron James, it is like some sort of weight against him.  I think Popovich should be the president. I think dogs should vote.



Speaking of the presidency… Holy smokes it is March 2019 and this 2020 thing is already in the news all the time. Beto O’Rourke just announced today, the day I am writing this. Joe Biden might run soon. It is perpetual election season. The news has finally become the culture industry.



We all live and then we will die. It is something that happens. We encounter the world through everything. What we find might not be what we want or expect it to be. Hope is pain but it is better than despair, according to Spinoza.



I wonder if Marx’s Grundrisse will be adapted to an HBO series.



There will be a Finality.




The show Game of Thrones is ending soon. Like everything it must end. I hope it is a happy ending. I hope everyone is partying on the first spring day but Tyrion is still married to Sansa. He could hear fireworks and cool magic stuff from his hand of the king room. Sansa and him are eating diner. The hound finally make his break telling jokes as a stand-up comedian and he is killing it. Tyrion can hear the laughter, oh my he just wants to go and play and drink. Sansa is talking about something boring. He is going to have to go to the north. He can hear people chanting “Arya!” and the clapping. She did something awesome, but he is stuck eating diner with Sansa. Then he looks into her eyes and sees something…



I can’t figure out how to book a trip?


Any suggestions?

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