My WordPressing

Apparently, my blog has become is becoming a weird journal of my thoughts. Oh well! Kierkegaard kept his journals all neat and polished as a guidestone for the future generations. It was his unpolished thoughts but his polished dairies. His brother knew exactly what he wanted. Or at least that is what the intro to them from Penguin Publishing says. He would of had a blog. So, I guess I am giving my thoughts out. I guess, so people can make better things! I am no Kierkegaard! I am just me. But it keeps me writing.

I am going to write about my observations of my vacation soon. It is all collected and put together but I really have to polish it up. Then I will be polishing up my stories.

However, if all you Kant folks come up here ask me questions- or better challange me. Drop me a line!


Check out Jeff Vogel blog, for an interesting blog

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