I just think several  times, maybe all the time, Heidegger described anxiety as a primal force facing nothing. I say, “I think” because his wording is unique to his philosophy, and wording matters to his and Derrida’s philosophy. Or thinking, writing,or what have you. 

I know Heidegger was writing about a primal anxiety and not what he would consider neurosis. I am not going to just randomly write pseudo-philosophically about anxiety. Though, if I were, I would posit it as an overflowing of being. That whole thing might be easily dismissed. I know currently, the world seems to be suffering from a general unshakable unease that permeates day to day- like a general global neurosis- a six billion person panic attack.

I seem to suffer that feeling regardless. I remember getting pulled over late one night and the officer asked, “Is there any reason you happen to be nervous?” I told him that I am always nervous. Anxiety seems to be so abundant that it is pointless to describe, you can simply write or say anxiety and people understand exactly what you mean.

People know the the awkwardness, perhaps the numb headed feeling, and the constant unease. Of course, there funny side of effect of clumsiness by being too careful. I think there is entire tropes based of the anxious character. Woody Allen has an early career based on that.

Anxiety makes me do dumb things! That little constant nagging feeling has caused quite the problem. Of course it is bad when you are aware you doing something stupid and it feels like an eternity doing it. I have done some dumb dumb things. Then there it the crazy weird stuff that is hindsight was idiotic caused by anxiety. The awkwardness is funny, I would happily admit that, but catastrophesizing and the burning hot rage is not so funny. Perhaps it is, who I am I to say it is not?

If there was a point I am not sure what it is! For this article or anxiety!

I know there remedies, brought to us by Glaxo-something, which probably works the best. Then of course, various therapies and cognitive training. The there is the wacky zanny weird stuff. This essay is not supposed to help folks, unfortunately, but to describe things. If you are suffering from anxiety don’t look to me because I far from have handle in it. You really have my sympathies.

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