Burning stress


I truly doubt there is any real purpose to stress. I am sure some evolutionary psychologists have a bizarre reason, a teleological purpose, for it. A true evolutionary purpose would be that it once existed in an animal and survived long enough to be passed through multiple generations- not some mystical force of survival. I don’t know. It just is- nothing mysterious to me why it exists.

It is there isn’t it! I am sure I can go through all the variations of stress like a catalog but I do not know them all nor do I care to explore them all. I know that stress is anything that is stimulus -good or bad -but really we know what I am talking about!

Granted there be an upside to stress but what does that matter!

The reason it is so fascinating is because being under stress becomes completely unrelatable when freed from it. On the memory of the moments one looks at negatively but not necessarily with the same hopelessness or pain that was in that moment. The intensity of stress diminishes, typically and hopefully over time, and the event passes away.  The memory holds that time but does not repeat the affect of the time.

A lover might feel spurned waiting for the beloved’s attention, feeling stress, but if the beloved returns the affections then the stress of anticipation and anxiety demishes completely away, perhaps to return. Now we have many many many many (etc) ways to get spurned! Texting is the most obvious but oh there are so many more. I am not blaming technology here! The myriad of possibilities to be spurned has risen dramatically.

Working for a dead-line, increasingly approaching, until it seems too late causes a great deal of stress. Though when the task is completed or the time elapsed the stress diminishes. One cannot relate to oneself of minutes or days before.

Alas, you want advice! I have none. There is no self-help from stress because how do you deal with something that cannot be related to moments before! Perhaps drinking? That is hardly sound advice to tell someone. I am not saying it is not true, or true. Who am I to give advice? No no no. That is not why I am interested in it.

What I hate the most about stress, or a time a hate the most, is being stressed about not sleeping. What a horrible cycle. No amount of sedatives can alleviate that stress. I just worry and then begin to stress out about being not asleep, the mind begins its strange machinations and then the hours flow by fast. Of course during the day, a stressful moment last for hours but when I want time to slow down it last seconds.

Just some thoughts I suppose.

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