Imagine two people on bench in a park sparsely populated with people. Now imagine them without being shackled to time, but time always intervenes, and thus they are separated. The space was far too distant between the two. The infinite had a collection of all the potential, but the attributes given were too sparse.

The bus has fifteen or sixteen people all separating for a days work, at school or in their various offices, retail, or shops. They separate slowly, peeling a few off at a time, and always collecting more passengers.

There is a sort of play with the children in the streets; they have all determined their roles as they go. The play and talk together amongst each other but slowly the play unwinds and always falls apart. They go home and sleep and reenact certain aspects but fail to capture the first time and so they drop the play. They, then, ponder what made it so special the first time.

The woman from the ecology department had a deadline that has long since passed, and yet she still struggles to get the task done. There was hardly an excuse or reason. The time kept slipping and the smallest of details were too tremendously tedious that she felt strangled by that single aspect of the work. She fretted over it and looked at it from every angle. When she completed the project, no one seemed to mind at all about her work at all.

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