My First Blog Post-

Oh dear! or Oh my. Something of that sort. This may be the first and the last or perhaps a sporadic litany. Not sure at the moment. I am surely comforted, at the moment, that no eyes particularly  will lay gaze upon this secluded space! but surely this space does exist. I do not mean that by any pretense, for it does indeed exist at some level. That should and normally warn somebody about the nature of the words that will follow. However, it is not a warning but merely a sad and weary declaration.

There is more ambitions for this little site of mine. I will like to note that I do in fact realize it is nominally there. It is barely here, there is a real precariousness to this site, it is flimsy and already problematic. In terms of first salvos, I doubt anybody would be menaced or even delighted by this. Nor is this truly a real preface.

Being self-aware is awful. I am not being meta or postmodern! I really am not I just have these mad thoughts rambling around my head about typing in a dark space. I mean there is no illumination.  I have yet worked out the best editing tools to write here, to be heard, let alone the time to be needed to write in this spot, or worse the energy to write here.

I do have foolish thoughts to be written here! I have loads of unreasonable loves and cruelties to be displayed. — Okay, that had a deep pretension! or perhaps arrogance and egotistical erudition, that more people are aware of but to normal and healthy to say!— To sum up the very introduction of this paragraph, something most people know should not need to be summed up, is that I do have an actual plan and ideas. If a plan has components, lets call them a,b,c,d and of course e, the I have currently a and b already. This site skips all the way to e, though.

I will write a bit about such and such random little things, of which nobody will see, but also try to put a rough little novella up. That’s the plan stan. maybe maybe. or even less. For all I know this could be it!

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